One More Day

It’s so close you can actually taste it (well I would hope not)… Tomorrow is the big day! Our Grand Opening Party. We were a caterpillar known as JCM Electric, LLC. that turned into a bad ass butterfly (that’s right a bad ass butterfly) named JCM Home Services. We are gonna have a great time and we hope to see you there! Please make sure you have a mask on for your safety and ours. Come hungry, come hopeful, and leave with a sense of community. We will all be there. Come on and meet the JCM Home Services crew, and you can finally meet your favorite Project Admin, Tina. You can tell the difference, I’m the only one with lipstick on, haha. Refreshments, live music, dancing, fun all around…. come one come all (max 75 sorry, thank your awful neighbor Rona for that) attached in the flyer for details. See you tomorrow! Stay safe and be well Ocean County.