When Mother Nature Interferes

Life can be a real pain sometimes…. one second we are enjoying our moments with family and friends then BAM, mother nature comes in steel toe boot through the door. Or, in one of our customers’ case, a lightening bolt through the side of their house. We had a seriously detrimental situation for one family. They called us in a frantic; no power, house damaged on the outside. We take the call, head over, start the emergency service to try to repair the power back. While my hard working service guys were taking care of that, I was filling out the necessary paperwork regarding permits, dropping it off at the township, advising the office personal the severity of the matter. I called, scheduled inspection, worked with the township to make sure this matter was not passed up as any old permit in their paths. Then, JCM Home Services said ” Let there be light” ( I feel like we stole that line from somewhere :]). Finally, this family had power during this heat streak we are having. JCM was there for that customer anyway possible, even through the tough times. Just give us a call and see what we can do for you Ocean County. Contact us at jcmhomeservices.net or give us a call (732) 232-1647.