You’re mad I’m back, big mad

You’re mad I’m back, big mad….. well actually, we would hope you are excited for us to be back. I can tell you we are! JCM Home Services is back from the grave; well, the social coma that is COVID-19. We are kicking it off with a huge celebration. July 3rd, which is only 3 days away, we are celebrating in style. Food, live entertainment, laughter, love, food, refreshments, overall just an open door to our community. We are respecting the social distancing rules so we are limiting the party to 75 people. All have to wear a mask. The event will take place outdoors to ensure 6 ft social distance, but rest assure this is a moment of hope for us all. We want you to know we are here for you Ocean County, we got this comeback in the bag! See you then!