Keep The Power

It’s rainy, it’s pouring…. we all have been experience this lately. These storm coming through one after another. Where we can’t look away at the disaster; like Tom Cruise on that couch circa 2005. But, these beautiful monstrous storms cause more and more problems. The main issue that is popping up is lack of power. I, myself was affected in late June by one of the storms in the Forked River area. I didn’t have power for almost 4 days. Can you say I was cranky? Cranky is an understatement. But, all seriousness for myself and so many others, having no power can cause not only discomfort but many other issues. No power means loss of food, loss of money, medical equipment and medications may be compromised, health concerns for the people and animals of the home. So many issues at hand. Our company can come, service your home and try to get your power back on asap if it’s something that is personal damage to your property. A lot of families look into the generator option, which is such a great choice and eliminates so many problems. Thus, Corona has not only affected all of us in many aspects, it has affected us in this field as well. Unfornutely, the process of getting a generator during this pandemic has become very difficult. Equipment is back ordered for months at a time. Example, we had begun a generator process for someone in march and still are waiting due to how backed up everything is. First, it was the toilet paper, now it’s affected all aspects of home services. Even the process of permits required for an at home stabilized generator is behind. The townships are working in overdrive trying to catch up. We can’t imagine how frustrating this is for all parties and all our local families. But, we will try to help you any way possible. We are here for you Ocean County. Stay safe and be well.