Emergency Calls

So, you have multiple people residing in one area; could be a motel, hotel, multiple family home, anything. The power goes out, and nothing is turning on, the ac is off, the heat is rising, fridge is off, almost all the appliance cant be used… what do you do? You call us that’s what you do. We had a customer is that situation today in seaside. It can be late in the evening on a Friday night, you would think we would be done and make you wait. That’s not how we handles things, we are you. We have homes, families, issues, hassles to attend to. We want to help anyway we can. We have highly experienced, qualified technicians here who can come out and help you anyway we can. Then, that’s where I come into the mix. As the Project Admin, I get the emergency permits in, submit the proper paperwork, I get the proper notification to the electric company. I set up the inspections to make sure everything is approved for the power to be back on. The stress of losing power especially in this heat should be the only thing you have to worry about. We are here for you Ocean County. Just give us a call 732-232-1647. Stay safe and be well.