This is Halloween

So, Covid has continued to linger like a dark fog amongst us. But, alas there is some light peeping through. The excitement I see now is people wanting to get a head start on Halloween and other end of summer/fall holidays. Putting up decorations, blow up figures on the front lawn, pumpkins, etc. The one thing people run into is issues with their GFI’s. Those outside outlets, if not services or installed correctly, could lead to a whole mess of trouble (Worse than the house handing out raisins on Halloween). Statistically, 28,000 fires happen a year due to electrical faults; that can lead to an average $700 million in damage. So, the best thing, if you feel they are not working well or might not be safe to use is to go to our site and fill out the form. We can set up a service call and check it out for you ASAP. Then, you will be back to your ghostly festivities or whatever you choose to celebrate. Just give us a call we are here to help. 732-232-1647. Don’t let this virus get you down, stay safe and be well Ocean County.